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Delegates who are planning on visiting the show with a party of 5 or more, are eligible to apply for a "Group Visit".

Benefits of Group Visit

1. Free Invitation to Technical Sessions (Japanese ONLY)

Each member of your group can enjoy 1 Technical Session for free.

(Original Price: JPY 4,000)

* All sessions are spoken in Japanese ONLY.

2. Special Coupons from Exhibitors (Japanese ONLY)

Each member of your group can receive special coupons from exhibitors;

special discounts, free samples, etc.

*All coupons are in Japanese.

3. Free Entry to the Group Visitors' Lounge

Group Visitors' Lounge is specially set for the applicants of Group Visit.

All of the group members can use the lounge for business meetings or just for their rest.

How to apply for Group Visit?

Step 1. Submit basic information of your group from the application form below. You will get an e-mail with registration URL

              from Show Management after the submission.

Step 2. Download "Group Visit Registration Form" from the URL and save it on your desktop.

Step 3. Fill in visitors' information on the "Group Visit Registration Form". Items marked (*) must be filled.

Step 4. Upload the Registration Form.

Step 5. Confirm the e-mail which sent to your e-mail address.

Application Deadline: Feb. 15 (Fri), 2019

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